4paws – Exclusive and Personalised Dog Guest House

4paws Doggie Guesthouse moves to greener pastures!


4paws is the perfect choice for a holiday home for your dogs whilst you are away!  My name is Luis da Silva, your dog’s host. and I’m located just north of the A22 Silves Services near Lagoa, 4paws is really convenient for anyone in the central or western Algarve.   I’m the one on the right….


My dogs are like my children, as I am sure it is the same for you as well.  This one’s Lolly.  I have five of my own (all rescue dogs) and I will do anything and everything possible to see that no harm comes their way.  I have set up 4paws as the perfect safe setting for dogs of all sizes and breeds with 4 large custom-built secure rooms next to my house which is set in the middle of the campo but not far from the German School.  Each has high fencing and secure gate as well as covered sleeping areas under insulated roofs. 


Just part of their playground:


The property is well over 100m long and provides a perfect area for the dogs to run about without getting muddy!  The layout of the new grounds has been structured in such a way that your dogs can run around freely all day in a safe enclosed space.  I don’t believe in keeping dogs locked away in their rooms all day long and believe it is healthier for them to be able to be out in a safe place.  And, don’t worry….I pay special attention to dogs that may be a little shy and they get walked by me if they are nervous of other dogs.  The entire property is surrounded by a high security fence to make sure that everyone stays inside!

I live on the property itself and never get to leave it unattended except for very short periods of time, so I have a lot of time to keep everything under control.


How it works

(i)   Please bring all their bedding or whatever else they’re used to sleeping on.  If you forget, I have plenty but the dogs are happier if surrounded by familiar smells. Also, please bring their own brand of food that they are used to.  Again, if you don’t it’s not a problem but it’s always better if the dogs maintain their normal routine.

(ii)  ….and don’t forget to bring their books with vaccinations in!  I have an arrangement with one of the local vets, just in case.

Getting to 4paws


4paws is just north of the A22 near Silves motorway services (CEPSA).  From Lagoa take the old road to Silves (Rua de Lobito) which takes you past the German School and over the A22.  Go around the greenhouses and you see a triangular island in the road with a sign to ‘Casa Das Oliveiras’.  Turn right there.  Follow the road for a few hundred metres and take the first turning on the left.  After a hundred metres or so you come to a junction with two tarmac roads and two dirt roads.  Take the first dirt road on the left.  4paws is right ahead of you.  Call me from there and I’ll open the gate!

From Silves or the A22, head towards Silves railway station, then turn towards Silves Golf.  Carry on down that road and you come to the post boxes mentioned above, but from the other direction.

If you’re following Satnav directions, the location is off-road but the coordinates of the front gate are, in decimals: 37.154479ºN, 8.422171ºW or, in degrees, minutes and seconds: 37º 9′ 16″N, 8º 25′ 20″W.

Contact details

New telephone numbers: 00351 932 557 907 or 00351 282 036 900

Email: luiz.dasilva200@yahoo.com